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If we are not striving to express the music in a better way, we are not being artists...

About Me:
I have studied and worked as a conductor across North America and Europe, and hold a Doctorate in Conducting (Montréal) and a Diplôme de Perfectionnement (Switzerland). With over a decade of experience conducting, teaching and coaching musicians, I have worked with professional conductors to refine their application materials to Artistic Director and Music Director searches, as well as helped students take their first steps into the conducting world. I can help you apply for school or for your next professional position.

I love sharing my passion for this amazing art form that anyone and everyone can try.


You can never predict who will have natural talent, and who will succeed by will and charisma! 



Private Lessons

Online Lessons


Interview Preparation

Video review

CV/Bio review

Portfolio assistance

Enlarge your conducting vocabulary
and range of expressions 



From basic beat patterns to  the intricate balancing of gestures in large orchestral and operatic masterpieces, I have helped prepare students of all ages and levels take the podium with confidence.

Ear Training


Deepen your perception of pitch. Learn how to sight-read quickly and accurately. 

Score Study

Learn how to dissect and understand scores, and learn memorization techniques.

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