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"Foofat's local, unique program strikes a chord with symphony orchestra"

Tara Jones, Lima News


"...ECO's Music Director Nadège had her ensemble sounding tight and spiffy throughout the evening."

Leslie Gerber, Woodstock Times


"Dear Editor,

 Keep your eye on the Esopus Chamber Orchestra! They're young, curious, talented and brave..."

Sparrow, Watershed Post

Shostakovich Chamber Symphony

“…played with such power and precision…”

Leslie Gerber, Woodstock Times

"...- an attractive and intriguing personality with obvious and innate leadership interpretively passionate musician with great concerns for presenting music on the highest level..."

George Tsontakis, Distinguished Composer in Residence Bard College 

Stravinsky Dumbarton Oaks Concerto

“The Little Orchestra That Could…an animated and skillful performance…”

Woodstock Times (Esopus Chamber Orchestra)


“The concert was quite a success, if not an unqualified triumph.

The players filled the resonant space with a big sound and vigorous playing nicely shaped under the direction of conductor Nadège Foofat"

Woodstock Times (Esopus Chamber Orchestra)


“A stunning performance of Charles Ives The Unanswered Question…”

Woodstock Times (Esopus Chamber Orchestra)

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